"Fact-Checking Donald Trump's Claims on 'Meet the Press' Interview"

Former President Donald Trump made several false claims during an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press." Here's a fact-check of some of his remarks:

Fact-checking Trump’s ‘Meet the Press’ interview

1. Abortion Laws: Trump falsely claimed that some states allow the killing of a child after birth. This is not true, and no state permits infanticide.

2. Drug Cartels: Trump denied saying he would use special forces against drug cartels, but he did make such a statement in a video released earlier.

3. War in Ukraine: Trump claimed that the media was not reporting on the war in Ukraine, but this is untrue. Many news outlets, including CNN, continue to cover the conflict.

4. Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Trump falsely asserted that he filled the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but it was not filled during his presidency.

5. National Debt: Trump exaggerated the national debt, stating it was $35 trillion when it is around $33 trillion.

6. Price of Bacon: Trump claimed that the price of bacon had quintupled, which is a significant exaggeration.

7. Military Equipment to the Taliban: Trump inaccurately stated that $85 billion worth of equipment was given to the Taliban, while it was closer to $7.1 billion.

8. Nord Stream 2 Pipeline: Trump falsely claimed that he ended the Nord Stream 2 pipeline when construction had already resumed during his presidency.

9. Blaming Pelosi for January 6: Trump inaccurately blamed Nancy Pelosi for rejecting 10,000 National Guard troops before the Capitol riot, which she did not have the authority to do.

10. Trump's Indictments: Trump incorrectly referred to the indictments against him as "Biden indictments," with no evidence of Biden's involvement.

11. 2020 Election: Trump continued to claim the 2020 election was rigged, despite no evidence of widespread fraud.

Please note that this is a condensed summary, and the full article contains additional details and context for each fact-checked statement.

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