"Biden Warns Against Israeli Gaza Invasion: Advocates Two-State Solution for Lasting Peace"

"Biden Warns Against Israeli Gaza Invasion: Advocates Two-State Solution for Lasting Peace"

"Biden Warns Against Israeli Gaza Invasion: Advocates Two-State Solution for Lasting Peace"

US President Urges Caution, Calls for Palestinian Authority and Two-State Solutionce

In a recent interview with CBS News program 60 Minutes, US President Joe Biden strongly criticized Israel's plans for a ground invasion in the Gaza Strip, labeling it a "big mistake" and ruling out American involvement. The interview, aired on Sunday, saw Biden emphasizing the need for a Palestinian authority and the establishment of a path to a Palestinian state.

Biden's Cautionary Stan 

Addressing the escalating conflict, President Biden expressed his concerns, stating that an Israeli invasion of Gaza would be a grave error. He firmly asserted that the extremist faction, Hamas, needed to be eliminated, but stressed the importance of a Palestinian authority and a clear path toward the creation of an independent Palestinian state. 

International Fears and Humanitarian Crisis

Biden’s remarks came amidst a brutal Israeli assault that has claimed the lives of at least 2,670 Palestinians and left over 9,200 injured. Aid groups have warned of a looming humanitarian disaster, urging restraint to prevent further civilian casualties. The challenges of distinguishing militants from civilians in the densely populated Gaza Strip have further compounded international concerns.     

Historical Context and Blockade

Gaza, a region historically marred by conflict, was occupied by Israel following the 1967 Six-Day War. It was fully returned to Palestinians in 2005, but since then, a blockade imposed by Israel in 2007 has severely restricted the territory's access to essential resources, exacerbating the hardships faced by its inhabitants.

Biden Advocates Two-State Solution

President Biden reiterated the United States’ longstanding support for a two-state solution, emphasizing the need for a Palestinian authority to pave the way for a Palestinian state. He underlined that while Hamas must be eliminated, an invasion without a clear plan for Palestinian self-determination would only exacerbate tensions and undermine the pursuit of peace in the region.

US Support Without Direct Involvement

While assuring Israel of unwavering support, President Biden clarified that the United States would not send troops to aid in the conflict. He praised Israel's military capabilities and reassured that they would receive all necessary assistance.

International Response

In a display of solidarity, the United States has deployed two aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean to bolster support for Israel. However, Biden’s cautious stance underscores the delicate diplomatic balancing act required to address the crisis and work towards a lasting resolution in the region.

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