"Steve Scalise Nominated as GOP Speaker Candidate Amid Vote Uncertainty"

Steve Scalise Nominated as GOP Speaker Candidate Amid Vote Uncertainty"

Steve Scalise Nominated as GOP Speaker Candidate Amid Vote Uncertainty"

 House Republicans have chosen Rep. Steve Scalise as their nominee for speaker, but he currently lacks the necessary votes to secure the position. This has created uncertainty regarding whether he can win over those who remain undecided.

The situation has arisen following Kevin McCarthy's removal as speaker, leaving the House in an unprecedented state of paralysis until a new speaker is elected. This situation has gained urgency due to Israel's conflict with Hamas, as the longer it takes to elect a new speaker, the less time lawmakers have to prevent a government shutdown with a mid-November funding deadline.

In a closed-door vote, Scalise received 113 votes while his opponent, Rep. Jim Jordan, received 99. Scalise fell short of the 217 votes required for a full House floor vote victory.

The key question now is whether Scalise can secure the necessary votes to become speaker. With a narrow GOP majority, he can only afford to lose four Republican votes on the floor.

"Resistance from Within the GOP Poses Challenge for Scalise"

McCarthy's removal intensified divisions within the House GOP conference, making it more challenging for Republicans to unite behind a new speaker.

The timing of the floor vote to elect a new speaker remains unclear as House Republicans adjourned without scheduling one.

Scalise and Jordan are actively working to convince their colleagues to support Scalise on the floor, but the outcome remains uncertain.

Some Republican representatives, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie, have expressed reservations about supporting Scalise, citing concerns about his plan.

Scalise's nomination has triggered a scramble for other leadership positions within the GOP.

"Nominations Spark Competition for Additional GOP Leadership Roles"

During the nomination vote, an effort to raise the threshold required to select a GOP speaker nominee was rejected, which aimed to avoid a messy public fight on the House floor.

Steve Scalise has a history of serving in House GOP leadership positions, including House majority leader. He has faced adversity in the past, recovering from a serious shooting in 2017 and battling multiple myeloma, a treatable blood cancer.

The article has been condensed to focus on the key developments regarding the GOP's nomination for speaker, the challenges Scalise faces, and the implications for House leadership.

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