"Missing 9-Year-Old Found Safe After Ransom Note Incident in New York"

"Missing 9-Year-Old Found Safe After Ransom Note Incident in New York"

Missing 9-Year-Old Found Safe After Ransom Note

Charlotte Sena, a 9-year-old girl who disappeared while camping in Upstate New York, has been found safe, and a suspect has been detained. Prior to her discovery, her parents received a ransom note at their home.

Breakthrough of the Case

The breakthrough in the case came when the suspect dropped off a ransom note at Charlotte's parents' home while they were still at the campground searching for her. Fingerprints on the note led to the identification of the suspect as 47-year-old Craig Nelson Ross, Jr., who was living in a camper. Charlotte was found hidden in the camper and appeared to be in good health.

Cell phone pings from people in the area and camper registration data helped authorities locate Charlotte. Charges against Ross are expected.

Charlotte had gone missing while on a bike ride during a camping trip with her family at Moreau Lake State Park. The massive search effort involved hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement agencies.

The state park, located north of Albany, spans over 6,200 acres and was temporarily closed during the search.

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